In music...

Clara Fernandes has been living listening to Fado.

Classical, traditional Fado, great musicians, amazing voices...

literally Fado.

Singers such as Ada de Castro, Deolinda Maria, Fernando Maurício, Francisco Martinho, Manuel de Almeida, Maria da Fé, Marina Mota ou Tony de Matos have increased her interest in Fado and made her start singing rapidly.

Her style has been influenced by their voices; nevertheless she has created her own way.

She first sang in public in 1985 and from than on and thanks to her great  receptiveness she as been singing regularly.

In 1989 she is one of the final contestants at Grande Noite do Fado in Lisbon at the Coliseu dos Recreios.

In the next following years she has been dividing her performances for several private events, Casas de Fado (places where you listen to Fado) and typical restaurants.