In April 2010 release his second album called "Encontros".

"Encontros" (Encounters), which as its title suggests, reflects the various meetings that it was coming across as the work took shape through traditional fado melodies and poems already interpreted by singers like Amalia Rodrigues, Celeste Rodrigues, Herminia Silva, Maria Armanda and Vasco Rafael, who lends his voice in tribute.

In it, he sings poems written for and by itself be interpreted, which features "Onde Não Entra a Saudade" and "Segredo Sagrado", by Tiago Torres da Silva.

Interprets also poetry of Fernando Pessoa and Vasco Graça Moura, on musical themes composed purposely for this work by Florêncio de Carvalho.

Becoming aware of another feature of Fado that is Fado de Coimbra, which she dares to sing in a duet with Frederico Vinagre.

In "Encontros" she is accompanied by three great fado musicians, Luís Ribeiro in portuguese guitar (who had already recorded their first album), Florêncio de Carvalho in classical guitar and finally in the bass guitar, the very well known Prof. Joel Pina.

After the release of "Encontros" starts its promotion and dissemination in some national and foreign radio stations, giving interviews to some of them.