In theatre...

It makes its debut in the theater the same time it debuts in Fado, specifically in 1986, and for about 10 years participates in several plays of "Teatro de Revista" (typically Portuguese theater genre), children's and musical plays.

After a long interregnum, the year 2012 is marked by his return to the theater, in this case the "Teatro de Revista", as an actress and singer in the cast of the show "Cheira a Vitória".

In 2013 she participated in the show "Fados Jocosos" in Teatro Ibérico, in Lisbon.

That same year she co-founded the company "ARTemPALCO".

During the year 2014 continues to divide the stage between fado and the theater, integrating, in the latter case the show "Lisboa, Pedaços de Nós".

In 2016 participates in the play "A Diferença de Ser Igual".

In 2018 returns to "Revista à Portuguesa" in "Há Revista no Vitória" as an actress and singer.